we are the team of Open-Gaming.net. We have been running our services, website and teampeak for over 4 years now. And that with less than 5 hours of downtime in the complete years.

Now we would like to collect donations to finance our services and provide you with more slots on our TeamSpeak. We could also use the money to offer you more features.

Why are we trying to raise money?

In short: Because the operation of such a service costs a lot of money and we offer you our service completely free of charge. Nobody has to donate 😉

In detail:

  • 120€ per year to host our TeamSpeak, our domain, our website and our music/sub bots.
    • Why does the hosting cost so much? The hosting costs so much because we rely on a secure and 100% available german datacenter which offers us DDOS protection which guarantees you a complete availability. This also gives us the opportunity to provide a fast file transfer and a great voice quality.
  • 20€ per year for Backup Space.
    • This backup space is located in another data center and protects your data from loss.
  • $175 to purchase a new TeamSpeak license that will allow 256 people to use our server. And yes, TeamSpeak licenses are very expensive, but TeamSpeak offers the best availability and data protection.
    • Our goal is to give you all a place to meet people and talk to your friends in times of Corona where everyone sits at home, completely tap-proof (complete voice encryption)

315€ per year

To sum up:

We, the team of Open-Gaming.net would like to give you a place where you can meet and talk with friends or just meet new people. Our current problem is that we do not have enough Slots on our TeamSpeak. Therefore, as soon as we have collected enough money for it, we would like to buy a license for more slots (even less if we do not reach our goal). In times of Corona you should have a safe and highly available place to talk. And we want to be that platform.

Every donation no matter how small it is counts 🙂